Jack Tramiel, of Commodore & Atari fame, passes away

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Its a sad day for all gamers today.  Jack Tramiel, at the age of 83, has died.  Tramiel was the founding father of Commodore International.  In addition, he purchased Atari Inc. and helped to revive the company by launching the Atari ST, Atari 7800 and Lynx, plus other desktop comptuer systems.

In addition to being instrumental in shaping the games that we play today, Tramiel was a Holocaust survivor.  He was freed from Auschwitz in 1945.

Atari Museum founder Curt Vendel stated: “Jack Tramiel was an immense influence in the consumer electronics and computing industries. A name once uttered in the same vein as Steve Jobs is today, his journey from concentration camp survivor to captain of industry is the stuff of legends.”

Source: Forbes via Engadget



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