Australian artists make Apple fragrance

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Ahhh, the smell of untouched plastic and aluminium, theres nothing quite like it, well petrol and paint thinner are up there but just dont quite cut it with us technology geeks when it comes to ideas for a new fragrance. In a bizarre experiment, a team of Australia artists based in Melbourne have teamed up with Air Aroma, a leader in the field of Aromatherapy to create the aromatic essence of a newly opened Apple product.

The team sent a new Macbook Pro to the professionals in France to be analysed, and along with samples taken from newly boxed products created a scent which was sent back to Australia to the artists. They will be showcasing the new scent at an art show in Melbourne, diffusing it around the room via an Aroslim device. The fragrance will not be on sale to the general public so dont expect it to show up on the shelves of your local store but its an interesting idea that could have a niche market if the correct target market was met.

Does this sound like something you would ever consider buying for that geeky friend who can recite star trek episodes and owns part of the moon landing set. Also can anyone who can actually open a box and tell that its an Apple product please send a message and tell us how.

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