“ADVENA” Comes to Google Play for Free

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GAMEVIL has just released ADVENA onto Google Play, but even better is that it’s available for free.  Already on the iOS, ADVENA finally makes its way to Android with it’s Party Play system that puts players in charge of 3 characters in a raid team, who can switch out at any time to change up the combat.  With different classes of fighters and casters, all with 18 skills, and hundreds of armor and costume items, ADVENA gives players plenty of choices and freedom to customize.

ADVENA  tells the story of Urus, who must band with others to put an end to the war between the Tems Alliance and the Nabe across more than 200 stages.  The game  features both PvP and PvE, so players can go for glory or work on leveling their team up.  Even more, players can hire other users’ characters via the Mercenary system to aide them in healing, defending, or attacking.  Download it today HERE.

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