Solitaire Blitz Slams onto Facebook

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If you are sitting in your computer chair, browsing the internet in boredom, you may now stop the nothing that you are doing and head on over to Facebook. Why, you may ask? Because PopCap have just launched Solitaire Blitz!

Think of the classic game of solitaire, add in intense one minute rounds, a mermaid, a seven-armed octopus, and a seahorse named Gene, and you have the loot-snagging madness that is Solitaire Blitz. Yes, it may sound odd for a Facebook game based on that classic card-matching formula, but as usual, this free romp is just as addictive as all of PopCap’s other casual titles and is sure to help you in passing all of that spare time. Go get on over to the official page for the game and check it out now.

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