Ridge Racer Unbounded new trailers reveal some nice drift

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Hot on the upcoming release of Ridge Racer Unbounded the guys at Namco Bandai have released 2 more trailers, one highlighting Behind the Scenes footage with commentary from BugBear’s Joonas Laakso (Producer), Karri Kiviluoma (Lead Game Designer) and Sebastian Ahlman (Gameplay Programmer). From the looks and sounds of it there is a heavy emphasis on drift, with cars seemingly screaming round right angle corners at break neck speed with sensational fluidity. According to the team at Bugbear, this an ARCADE experience and should not be mistaken for anything but. It is fast paced, fantastically unbelievable and basically looks like a great amount of enjoyment, travelling through the streets, destroying everything in your path on your way to victory. The second trailer showcases some of the classic cars from other Ridge Racer titles that are available as free DLC when you pre-order the new title from retailers.

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