Pre-Order Diablo III Digital Copy

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Not only do we have confirmation from Blizzard that Diablo III will be released on May 15, 2012, but gamers will also get to pre-order this anticipated title beginning today. Finally unleashed from the Burning Hells, Diablo III can be yours today for only $59.99 (USD).

The question that bears in my mind is “what other versions will we get to see?” Most titles offer a collector’s edition or even a premium digital release, and a game of this caliber should be no different. Being able to pre-order Diablo III certainly marks a place in Blizzard history, but I am patient enough to wait this out and see what other versions become available.

Additionally, people can still partake in the World of Warcraft Annual Pass and receive a free digital copy of Diablo III. If you play World of Warcraft avidly, this deal would be an excellent decision considering the bonuses involved: guaranteed WoW beta entry, Tyrael’s Charger mount. For more information on the Annual Pass follow the link (here).

If you wish to pre-order the digital copy of Diablo III, you must have a valid account to do so. Order now, and prepare for the End of Days.

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