Ninja Gaiden 3 tears into stores today with free weapon DLC coming soon!

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With Ninja Gaiden 3 landing on store shelves today for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 plenty of you probably already have your hands on Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei’s latest installment tot he series. But now you may be asking, what about that DLC we recently heard about that was being released for free in Japan?

Well we have some good news for you, Tecmo Koei in America revealed today that they will be releasing this DLC in North America completely free of charge. On April 3rd players will be able to download the Falcon’s Talons weapon and the Submarine Carrier multiplayer stage for free with the Eclipse Scythe and Desert stage arriving on April 17th.

While some paid DLC is still on the way, the only thing these two weapons and stages will cost you is some karma as you shred apart your enemies with some more varied brutality. Check out the weapons in action below!

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