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I think everyone remembers the whole “on rails” E3 fiasco that Fable: The Journey went through last year, and since then, we have heard very little about the game itself or any information about how this Kinect title will actually control. Luckily, Microsoft seem to be ready to share some tidbits and have went as far to create a home page for Fable: The Journey on

On the page, we see 5 new screenshots (which you can view below), along with more details of how this experience will play out. As far as the screenshots go, things look slightly better from what we seen on display. Yeah, it still looks like it’s on rails as horse carriages and first person-views are still very present, but it does look like there is some type of movement as there are a couple other perspectives shown. Judging by the overview posted as well, this Fable will be more on the humorous side (much like Fable 3) and be more aimed towards fan who have enjoyed the past few entries.

I want to want this title so bad, but I still am not sold with this new information. Fable was a series about character development and lore and has taken a turn towards gimmickry and fart jokes as of recent. Hopefully this The Journey will be a smash hit for Molyneux and his team…but without shaking that dark cloud I just don’t see this one taking off like it should upon release.

Oh yeah, the release date…12/31/2799. They did tell us the Kinect was the technology of the future, after all.

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