#MaxPayne3 Winners have Officially been Immortalized

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Rockstar have always been nice to their fans, and even more so with the new Max Payne 3 multiplayer, with their competition to include likenesses of actual Max Payne fans as playable characters. The competition ran from December 16, 2011 til January 13, 2012, and they ended up with eight winners from all over the world (including Aus, whoo national pride!). The competition ran through Twitter, selecting ten people at random each week that they saw using the #MaxPayne3 hashtag. From these ten they picked two each week, ending with the final eight.

Take a look at the winners here, aren’t they a bunch of interesting characters? Have to say, they definitely picked well in terms of people to build character models on. You’ve got the badass ones, the good-looking girls, the guy who looks like he’s seen far more action than the rest of them, and the standard male-y males.


For the first time since the competition winners were announced, Rockstar have released in-game shots of the digital versions of the winners. And damn, they’re looking fine. And that’s ‘fine’ with an elongated middle vowel.

Of course, you can customize the avatars, so you can swap up what the characters are wearing, as well as what firepower they’re toting, before you get your gunning down on.

Check out all of the shots in the gallery below!


For more info on the Max Payne 3 multiplayer stay tuned to Capsule Computers, for news as it comes out.

Max Payne 3 will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 on May 15, 2012 in the US and May 18, 2012 in Australia and Europe, with the PC version launching on May 29th, 2012 in the US and June 1st, 2012 in Australia and Europe.

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