Luigi gets his own 3DS pouch at Club Nintendo

Nintendo News

If you haven’t spent those extra coins at Club Nintendo yet, you should take notice as Ninty have a brand new reward that is quite awesome, to say the least. After all these years of Mario getting merch and specialized accessories, Luigi has gotten his with a brand new 3DS Pouch.

As you see above, this design is of Luigi’s hat, and will only cost members 450 coins. To make things even better, this pouch will also fit the DSi and DS Lite and even includes a little pocket to hold a cartridge. Yes, it’s beastly, but Nintendo always has a reason behind everything and with Luigi’s Mansion 2 coming out this year, I would imagine this is just the first item in line of in terms of promotion for everyone’s favorite brother.

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  • Damn, wish we got access to the American Club Nintendo. The Australian one is pathetic – there’s 12 items, none are worth getting and they haven’t added anything else for over a year. Very poor form, Nintendo.

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