Druid Class Revealed For Dungeons And Dragons Online

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The Druid class has been fully revealed by the DDO staff. The Druid is a shape-shifting class (which I’m fairly certain is incorrect according to D&D rulebooks, 3.5 at the very least anyway) that can transform into bears, wolves and elementals to tank, dps or aoe opponents.

True to the original rules though, Druids are able to wield a short number of weapons. These weapons include – “staves, daggers, clubs, sickles, and more.” It seems like Druids are forgoing armour for elemental resistances –

Take the Druidic oath and get closer to nature. Shed your heavy metal armour in exchange for resistance to the harsh aspects of nature like entanglement, poison, and other natural dangers.

Be sure to check out the official website for more information.

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