Dracula: The Last Sanctuary released by Anuman Interactive

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Its fitting that its a full moon here in Sydney, oh wait thats werewolves, oh well, as Anuman Interactive have announced as part of their Microids game collection they will be releasing the last instalment of the Dracula Saga for Mac, iPhone and iPad users. This instalment that completes the story is actually the 2nd chapter in the storyline, with the 3rd instalment “Path of the Dragon” being rereleased in 2010 and Resurrection the 1st in the story being released in 2011. In ” The Last Sanctuary” players again take on the role of John Harker, fresh off the campaign of saving his fiance Mina from the clutches of the evil nosfaratu. Returning to London Harker soon realises his adventures are far from over as Dracula has followed hot on his heels with added vigour, hell bent on revenging his defeat on his own turf in Transylvania. Dracula: The Last Sanctuary is available now on AppStore in the Games section and on all major download stores.

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