Dirt 3 Complete Edition brings new cars, new tracks to the table

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This is truly a racing fans dream, as Codemasters have launched the gameplay video for Dirt 3 The Complete Edition, a compendium box set to Dirt 3, which I reviewed and believe to be the best racing game of last year by a country mile. Included in the Complete Edition is $35 worth over extra DLC, available come March 15th for both Australian and New Zealand revheads and comes with a very respectable $49.95 price tag to boot. The new trailer highlights much of the new content including Mini Cooper Rallies across Monte Carlo and multi car rallycross racing through the tight streets of Tokyo.

Dirt 3 was an awesome driving experience whose success lay somewhat with the sheer variation in tracks and environments on offer to experience. The additional content that has been added includes 2 new track packs plus 5 car packs featuring a variety of different vehicles to add to your garage. The new tracks include 8 new tsgaes across Monte Carlo through the Snowy mountains as well as 4 new routes set across 2 new Shibuya tracks. The new car packs include the Power and Glory pack and the Mud and Guts pack including the BMW M3 and Citroen C4 Rallycross amongst many others. The other car packs include the Ford Escort MK II in both its standard and upgraded form and the Mini Cooper S Gymkhana.

Dirt 3 Complete Edition will be available for PS3 and XBox 360 platforms


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