Codemasters vamps up Dirt with some demolition action

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Exciting and destructive news from Codemasters as they have released the ultimate bash and crash trailer featuring trucks, cars, vans and hearses in the full impact Dirt Showdown, “Massive Damage” gameplay video, which can be watched on their official website. Dirt Showdown is the latest revelead extension pack to the award winning Dirt racing series and is coming to XBox 360 and Ps3 May 2012 as well as PC. True to its name, the trailer has a heavy emphasis on the more destructive side of the game, introducing us to the world of Rampage destruction derby where 8 players play gladiator in an arena style environment, as well as Knock off, where players have to ram others off a raised platform in order to claim victory.

If theres one thing that Dirt 3 didnt lack in it was varying environments, and Showdown looks no different, featuring tracks across the globe from Tokyo to London and San Francisco each complete with its own unique spectators and atmosphere. With over 50 different races across 4 championships players will have to keep their reflexes sharp and their wits about them to gain a spot in the Showdown finals. Dirt Showdown fesatures 3 main categories, including Racing events complete with Nitro, ramps and obstacles, the destructive and bone grinding Demolition Derby and finally the Hooligan events allowing freestylre driving in open huge stunt parks.

The game will feature split screen multi player, up to 8 player online racing, on and offline party games as well as Youtube integration which has been prominent in the Dirt 3 family. Showdown challenges can also be made to friends whether they are online or not. Dirt is powered by the EGO Game Technology platform and will be released May 2012 for XBox360, PS3 and PC platforms,

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