Atlus reveal Game of Thrones trailer with fluid looking combat system

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Some massive news from Atlus games as they have unveiled some more of the upcoming Game Of Thrones gameplay via a trailer that showcases the games Combat System and gives a glimpse into some gameplay. For anyone who has been walking around with their eyes closed, Game of Thrones is a massive HBO hit TV show based on George.R.R.Martins Song of Ice and Fire Fantasy novels. The game takes place during the first book and allows unique gameplay by allowing players to control 2 seperate characters (Mors and Alester), through their seperate journeys culminating in them joining a common path, each attributed with unique abilities and weaponry. The trailer is commentated by Aram Jarrabi, Atlus PR manager who introduces what he calls “the core of the games combat system”, The Active Pause System. This allows players to slow down time in the heat of real time battles and allow them to use skills and give orders to allies to gain victory over the enemy. He goes on to describe the differences in characters including their varying classes, skills and weaponry available to them to use, and although each character has preferences in combat such as long or short ranged techniques, they can be modified via the multi class system to your own personal preferences.

Game of Thrones will be available on 15th May 2012 for XBox 360, Ps3 and PC so catch up on the books and tv series before it comes out and get ready the epic adventure.

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