Your head will roll with NeverDead released today in stores


Some people may think that being immortal is easy. However the life Bryce Boltzmann lives isn’t an easy one at all… in fact it is full of tragic suffering as he sees his beloved wife murdered in front of his eyes by the Demon King Astaroth and then cursed to forever live with that image in his mind.

His immortal life is empty and without aspiration as he simply battles against modern day demonic forces alongside his partner Arcadia for the National Anti-Demon Agency. While Bryce may not be the happiest fellow around, he can use his immortality to take on tasks no other mortal possibly could, including ripping off his own head and tossing it through the air or regenerating body parts like they are nothing at all. NeverDead is available today on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and players can try to possibly bring Bryce’s immortal life some closure as he faces off against the demons terrorizing the world.

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