Side-scrolling mayhem as Ubisoft announce release date for Shoot Many Robots

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Ubisoft and Demiurge studios have announced a release date for a really cool side scrolling shoot em up called Shoot Many Robots of March 13th for Playstation (11.99) users and one day later for XBox 360 (800MPS) fans. After having a look at the trailer which was an interesting insight into the development of this title and how it got to its current state, I was very impressed as the frenzied action reminded me of classic retro titles that were as addictive as they were enjoyable. Shoot many Robots follows P.Walter Tugnut on his mission to destroy and eliminate the onlsaugyht of killer robots being mysteriously produced by a factory. With a huge arsenal of weapons and more importantly, beer at your disposal, direct Walter through this intense action packed side scrolling adventure where shooting anything that moves is essential.


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