NeverDead’s second Expansion Pack DLC detailed and dated

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While the first DLC pack for Konami’s NeverDead featured the up and coming pop-star Nikki and is available for download today, this time around it seems that Konami is bringing a bit of age and experience to the party with their “Expansion Pack Volume 2.” This time around players will be able to play as NADA’s Chief Sullivan as he takes on the forces of hell.

Besides the unlocking of Chief Sullivan for online selection two costumes are unlocked for the main character Bryce Boltzmann. Also unlocked in this package are more gameplay modes for the Sewer level, allowing players to take on the Onslaught, Egg Hunt, and Fragile Alliance challenges in that area of the game. The “Expansion Pack Volume 2” will be available February 28th and will likely sell for the same amount of MSP as the first expansion pack, 320 MSP or $3.99.

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