Mass Effect 3 Demo – The Features Explained

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Chances are that you’re aware of a little game that’s on the horizon called Mass Effect 3. If not, step out from under that proverbial rock and take a look at the demo – currently available on PSN, Xbox Live and EA’s Origin service. In case you can’t get your hands on the playable demo or simply haven’t got to it yet, here’s a run down of what to expect from it and the game itself:

Co-op and single player: That’s right, the demo will let you get your mitts on both play modes of the game, the ‘standard’ single player, and the brand new co-operative mode. Level up a host of new characters with up to four players, and help influence the outcome of the main game.  The multiplayer feature will go live on February 17, but anyone who has activated an Online Pass for Battlefield 3 will be able to access it early.

Three different experiences: Depending on what you crave from your Bioware fix, you can set the game to be more story or combat orientated, cranking up the RPG or action as you see fit. Of course both can be equal partners in this epic space opera, so stick with the ‘Action RPG’ mode if every conversation and every gunshot are equally important to you.

Kinect Voice Command: Mass Effect 3 has the honor of being one of the very first pre release demos to feature Kinect voice command control. The game supports dozens of commands that free the player from pausing the action, and will bring an improved flow to fights as you can command your allies and their weapon selection with your voice.

Start a New Life: Mass Effect 3 is being touted as a great entry point to the series, so anyone looking to get in on the action, switch platforms or simply roll a fresh Shepard should have no problems. Just as the PS3 version of second game fleshed out the events of the first via an interactive digital comic, Mass Effect 3 will also ensure that previous events are accounted for and known to the player – exactly how this will come about has yet to be revealed…

Of course the full game releases on March 6, so clear that calendar and make ready your gaming chair of choice – Sheperd’s back.

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