Explore Mt. Zinit with the latest Wafku patch

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Those currently taking part in the Open Beta of the unique looking Wakfu will have more of the world to explore on February 15th when the next patch for the game is made available. In this patch players will be able to journey to the highest point in the World of Twelve, Mt. Zinit. Mt. Zinit used to be a sacred and holy land, but now this beautiful area has been turned into one of grief and destruction as Ogrest has taken control of the area.

Ogrest must be defeated and the only way players can do this is by finishing multiple quests and defeating his minions. Those eager to take part in Square Enix’s and Ankama’s Wakfu can do so for free now through the Open Beta, but others may choose to wait until February 29th when the game is officially launched for free. Though those willing to spend a bit of money on the title can do so through a $6 monthly fee and will also gain access to premium content.

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