In a shocking turn of events, TV Tokyo have announced that the Bleach anime series will be coming to an end on March 27. It will be replaced in it’s time slot by the Naruto: Rock Lee spin off.

This means that the anime series will end with the Fullbring arc, which as many fans of the manga would tell you is not a good place to stop. There is no word as of yet whether the series will ever return in any capacity to TV Tokyo but for now it is absolutely final that the anime series will end on March 27th, 2012. Studio Pierrot has already shut down production on the series and begun work on the Naruto: Rock Lee spin-off and Polar Bear Cafe (two new Pierrot series).

There have been previous instances in which an anime series based upon a manga has ended while it’s source material was still going. Recent examples of which are Reborn! and Gintama, the latter of which eventually made a return.

What do you think of Bleach coming to an end? Let us know in the shoutbox and comments section.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • i hope they commit harakiri…

  • Dragonick

    Richman have to buy Tv Tokyo now :S


      why now?? they have lots of fans. money wouldn’t have been a problem!

  • anononon

    i bet it’s just a bleach hiatus or something. they’ll probs save the money that wouldve been used on filler eps and use it to make the final arc animation and stuff amazing
    not after they’ve come so far. there’s 1 arc left, they can’t just stop now -_-

  • Thenortherncrater

    I think it’s incredibly stupid that they went through that DREADFUL Invading Army filler arc to keep the thing afloat just to go, “Meh, screw it.” Especially since the adaptation of the FullBring arc has been pretty mediocre so far.

    Well. If any good comes out of it, maybe they’ll finally stop padding the episodes.

  • after the amount of fillers that they have put us through, which is pretty much over half of the anime, the least they could have done was to see it through to the end. 

  • after the amount of fillers that they have put us through, which is pretty much over half of the anime, the least they could have done was to see it through to the end. 

  • after the amount of fillers that they have put us through, which is pretty much over half of the anime, the least they could have done was to see it through to the end. 


    nooooooo! the hell, its like the second worst arc, they should have ended it on the arrancar arc if they were going to end it at all..  plusss we havent seen the bankai  to several of the captains jet… this feels incomplete.. cant belive my favorit anime is gonna end up like this..FUCK! 

    • Thenortherncrater

      I actually like the Lost Agent Arc, which is partly why I don’t like the way the anime is handling it. But I do concede that the Arrancar Arc would have been the better ending. It was actually written in a way that it could BE the ending, because Kubo wasn’t sure the manga would be allowed to continue.

  • bad Idea. and Naruto: Rock Lee spin off WTF!!!!


    i just don’t like the sound of it.. and by doing it they are really depressing a lot of fans..


    there are lots of anime releasing every three months but a very few has the possibilities like bleach Naruto. These are epic


    wtf.?? rock lee spin off??

  • Guest

    the only ones at fault for the decreased in sales is themselves fillers after fillers.

  • Nicolette

    I honestly can’t believe that this is ending. I love this show so much. By far my favorite anime. I really hope that they come back in a little bit and at least finish the last arc.

  • Happybirthday33

    i new the the world was supposed to end in 2012 but why does it have to be the Bleach world?!?!?!?!?!

  • Eva Klütsch

    I hope they’ll return! I can’t live without tuesdays bleach =O 

    Even though the last few episodes have been poorly drawn in my opinion. As if the people working on the animation an stuff already lost interest in doing it right. 🙁 

  • Engien101

    I hope it returns, i really do, love Bleach and had great times watching it, well at least the manga is ongoing

  • Replace Bleach with Naruto?! WTF! I can’t believe they are doing this. Why not just finish up the anime, since the Manga is ending too? Bad move, VERY disappointing 🙁

  • VegtableMan84

    That’s a real bummer, and pretty surprising. I mean the manga has entered the final ark the couldn’t do one last chapter. When I saw that it was the last manga arc I actually thought that the anime would keep going I figured they could still come up with stories that aren’t in the manga like the filler arcs but I guess not but still they could’ve at least done one final arc the actual final arc

  • Sapphire56

    Is it wrong for me to feel a little ill? Bleach is one of my favourites… why are they doing this? Rock Lee spin-off? What the hell is that???!!! One arc left and they’re gonna stop? I really do feel sick…

  • Orochi the Blind

    well I can say my admiration to anime started with BLEACH. It contained everything that I like apart from harem/ecchi. (Superpower, swordplay, samurai, action). However stop and think for a while. How many animes launched recently featuring those genres? I believe it is safe to believe that manga and anime makers changing their views of anime of future. There are so many promising animes which have potential if they were given another chance with new episodes.(I am not gonna make a list, but first ones popped into my mind are Ghost in the Shell, Darker than Black, Samurai Champloo, you can add many more basically). However I am sure those guys up there know something we do not know. We cannot do anything apart from waiting and seeing. 
    I am personally very sad for Bleach and the evolution that anime industry has begun to undergo. In the end money is what matters in business.

  • Patrick Schenker

    They must be crazy to end ut here.
    The final and best arc is going to come up and they stop the animee can’t believe this.

  • Shaun Leow

    well, this anime has been going on for a while, so i was kind of prepared for this. but i don’t like the fact that they decided to end it right when a new arc is starting 🙁

    to the directors at tokyo tv, i understand why you decided to end it, but please, for all the bleach fans’ sake, at least make an epic movie for the final arc of bleach before you kill it off let one of the greatest anime of all time go off with a bang.

  • kidgrim00

    I so wanted to see Zaraki Kenpachi learn a bankia down the line, i’m trully hurt by this ending like this. i just know aizen is going to get free, that battle was great. o well all good things come to an end i suppose. 

  • triplevega

    i love bleach but im not a hardcore fan, but thats worst because i have lots of questions.  If this show ends with the Xcution saga, its kinda dumb.  why did Ichigo get new and better powers? why did Renji tell that “dirty boots” girl that for the last 17 months he was training to fight Aizen? did he escape? what about ichigos sister? his friends? the captains?  i swear this is like a Sopranos anime but worst.  sad!

  • saddsa

    Hey guys please someone tell me when they start again anime?

  • saddsa

    Hello guys please someone tell me when they start again anime?

  • dadadadadadada

    3 words… MUST COME BACK! Bleach should be twice as long as it was, its one of the best animes ever so don’t you dare to stop now

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