Space Quest gets a fan-made game

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Sierra On-Line’s Space Quest series has drawn enough attention to hail a fan-made game, Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back. The last Space Quest of this caliber was produced back in 1995. Appropriately named “Team VSB”, they have created this free-to-download game over a span of 10 years.

The story surrounds the many adventures of the Rodger Wilco and the vengeance declared by the supposively destroyed Sludge Vohaul. Once the aggressive space apes acquire the back-up mainframe for Vohaul’s mind, Rodger becomes the immediate target. Rodger’s task is to stop Vohaul in his tracks while finding a way to keep his own love interest alive.

Vohaul Strikes Back is a point-and-click adventure that encapsulates the old adventures of the original series and completely fan-made. Team VSB has the download available for FREE at Be prepared for evil scientists, mischievous janitors, and monkeys in the trailer below!

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