SoulCalibur V Rumored for the 3DS

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It’s been a good while since SoulCalibur has seen a Nintendo platform, but if the latest rumors are true, that may change soon. Retailers have began listing SoulCalibur V for the 3DS as of recent for pre-order, and fans have now been foaming at the mouth at even the mere possibility.

As of now though, nothing has been confirmed from Gamestop, Namco Bandai, or any other party, but I would expect someone to step in soon to clear up any confusion. If you think about it though, this sounds very plausible. Dead or Alive, Blazblue, and Street Fighter have all seen a bit of success on the handheld thus far, and SoulCalibur would be very welcome considering how well the slide pad actually works for fighters. Also, Link making a reappearance? I’ll take ten.

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