Siegebreaker gets its first update

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Crazy Monkey Studio have released their first update for Siegebreaker, an iOS app that is a unique mix of real-time strategy and RPG. The Belgium development team has also brought Siegebreaker to Android devices, letting even more people give the RTS and RPG game a go.

You play as Keith Rock, rescuing the kings of the Brookelands from the mysterious evil that has come over the land. Damn that mysterious evil and its penchant for taking over the land.

The update includes five new levels, a new end boss in the final level and two new characters with brand new skills. On top of that new content there are also changes to the difficulty level, three new comics, health potions available in the store, bug fixes, and level packs and King Health packs available for Power Orbs.

Check out the trailer below!

Siegebreaker is available NOW for the iTouch, iPhone and iPad for FREE – Get it HERE
Or for FREE on the Android – Get it HERE

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