Punch Out!! to Join the 3DS’ Virtual Console

Nintendo News Fighting 3DS

Little Mac is back! Nintendo of Japan have just announced the latest 3D Classic, and it is none other than the much loved Punch Out!! for the NES. This 3D version of Punch Out!! will be available in Japan on February 2nd at 500 yen.

As of now, a western release is inevitable, so we all should expect seeing an announcement sometime soon. Honestly though, with all the recent life on the Virtual Console and eShop as of late, this year is looking like a good year to own a 3DS and this re-release of Punch-Out!! is just gravy in comparison to the upcoming likes of Mutant Mudds and Kid Icarus. Stay tuned as well and when Nintendo share details of a release date, we will sure to bring you an update.

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