PS Vita sales drop again to 42,648 during third week

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More disconcerting news has come out of Japan as the Media Create sales charts show that the PlayStation Vita sales have dropped again from the previous week and were again outsold by the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS hit 197,952 sales in the week while the PlayStation Vita only managed to move 46,648 units in that same time period. This news comes after last week’s sale of a troubling 72,479.

While the PlayStation Vita may not be flying off the shelves at the moment, comparing it to other handhelds at the moment is something of an unfair battle. Currently the Nintendo 3DS costs significantly less than the PlayStation Vita in Japan and the PlayStation Portable is even cheaper than that. With a smaller barrier to entry these consoles obviously have a higher pull at the moment, while the Vita is currently off to a slow start. These numbers are certainly something to keep an eye on but should be no reason for concern at the moment for those hoping for the Vita’s success.

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