My Little Pony Invades Skyrim in new mod..

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Yep. It was bound to happen. If you are getting tired of facing the same dragons over and over again, then this mod should certainly give you a chuckle. It seems one user enjoyed his pony pals so much that he went to work in replacing all of the Dragons in Skyrim with My Little Pony’s Fluttershy.

So far, Fluttershy has received well over 1000 downloads at Skyrim Nexus, and by all means each and every one of you should add to that number as quickly as possible. For the unfortunate few of you with the console version, you should at least give the video down below a look, as there is nothing like seeing the army of treacherous ponies cause havoc in the skies. Ah, Internet, thank you yet again for all your services.


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