Kaz Hirai to be new Sony president, Howard Stringer to remain chairman and CEO

Sony News

It seems that a change-up may be occurring at Sony, one at the very top ranks of the company. Sony’s current “executive deputy president” Kazuo Hirai seems to be advancing his position and taking over the role of President of Sony. This news comes out of the Japanese website Nikkei as the website reports that Kaz Hirai will be taking over the role in the coming months.

This means that the current president Sir Howard Stringer will be losing at least one of his titles, though he will still be listed as CEO and chairman at Sony, which is still quite a high ranked position within the company. At the moment this can be taken as a likely rumor as Sony has not announced the change of power within the company itself. Still… Nikkei is one of the most respected Japanese news reporters so it is doubtful this is a false report.

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