Galaxy on Fire 2 goes Supernova

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Galaxy on Fire 2 – Supernova has been announced, giving a second add-on to the super popular sci-fi saga. Galaxy on Fire follows badass space adventurer and mercenary Keith T. Maxwell resident ass-kicker and name-taker.

Supernova will start where the first add-on Valkyrie ended, however the foxus will shift so that it is more on the struggle between the Nivelian Republic and Midorian Confederation. You will have to face a vast range of challenges and new missions to take on with Mr Maxwell, so strap yourselves in!

Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade had the following to say about Galaxy on Fire 2 – Supernova:

Supernova will not only be more cinematic and more varied, but also at least twice as long as Valkyrie. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the writing of the complex new storyline, which includes a lot of new mission types and makes for a truly outstanding gaming experience. But also the graphics and the sound design will be absolutely top-notch! When it comes to Supernova, the name really is the game!

Galaxy on Fire 2 – Supernova is set to be released in the second quarter of 2012 on the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Make sure to keep tuned to Capsule Computers for any new information on the add-on, what to expect, and if it’s going to live up to the previous installments.

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