Curse of Hera expansion to be released for Bright Shadow


Bright Shadow has been given a new expansion, entitled Curse of Hera. Curse of Hera will include a huge amount of new content, including 8 new classes, 30 new maps, and a raise of the level cap from 69 to 99! You can expect even more dungeon raiding and monster card collecting in this new expansion.

So if you play it now but were itching for some new content, haven’t played it in a while because you got bored, or have never played it – this would be a great time to head on back over and see if you can take on Hera and her minions! You can also challenge yourself with over 40 bosses, and more than 2000 extra quests to complete! There’s no chance of you getting bored with this much to do, you’ll surely be kept busy for a while – for at least the remains of your holidays.

To learn some more about Bright Shadow and play the game for FREE head on over to their SITE.

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