Challenge your Spotting Ability with Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time

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Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time, the number 1 hidden object game from Facebook, has made the transition to the iPad, taking the puzzle to a whole new level! Although, it doesn’t connect to your Facebook game, it is a new game unfortunately.

There are 36 hidden object scenes for you to explore and puzzle over, spending your time scanning over places with a fine tooth comb as you search for that crucial clue to solving the mystery! Over 16 million players are currently playing Gardens of Time, and with that many you’re guaranteed to have a good time playing this one.

You play as the latest recruit to the Time Society, a mysterious organization created in the early 20th Century to guard the secrets of time travel and preserve the flow of history. Explore time and space, find some hidden objects, and save the flow of time! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

With OpenFeint, GameCenter and Facebook connectability, you can race against your friends or strangers to see who the true master of time and space is!

Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time is available NOW for FREE on the iPad – Get it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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