Chalk N’ Talk it up on Your Android

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Online player games have exploded, and with them comes the latest social drawing and word-guessing game, Chalk n’ Talk, where you have to test your wits and challenge your vocab skills. You race against the clock, sketching and guessing words, while earning points that can be spend on customising brushes and canvases, or sending them as gifts to your friends, if you’re that generous.

You get to grow your network of friends, with automated matchmaking presenting an endless roster of random challengers. Plus, like the title says, you get to chat with them and taunt them as you school them in the ways of the chalk. A perfect app for Android users who love their PvP puzzle games, as well as lording their victory over their opponents, this is definitely a good app to pick up.

Chalk n’ Talk is available NOW for FREE on Android devices – Get it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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