CES 2012: Turtle Beach To Showcase New Headsets

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Turtle Beach is returning to the Consumer Electronics Show with a new range of headsets for that hardcore gamer. Three of those focus on the PC and console gamer while three more will enthrall the portable gamer within you. In addition to showing off the latest headsets, Turtle Beach and Spike TV will be hosting an exclusive new product reveal only available on the Spike TV “CES ALL ACCESS LIVE” show airing on Wednesday, January 11 in Australia and New Zealand.

So, what are these headsets Turtle Beach are showcasing at CES 2012?

Ear Force X42 Wireless Dolby® Surround Sound Xbox 360 Headset and Ear Force X32 Wireless Stereo Xbox 360 Headset

  • Replacements for the very popular Ear Force X31 and Ear Force X41 models, these headsets include new 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi technology that actively navigates the wireless landscape in your home or office and finds the open bandwidth to eliminate interference with 2.4GHz wireless devices and LANs. With massive 50mm drivers, the X32/X42 headsets will not only outperform their predecessors, they represent the ultimate blend of value and wireless performance for Xbox gamers.
  • Ear Force X32 MSRP: USD $99.95; Ear Force X42 MSRP: USD $159.95
  • Availability TBA

Ear Force DSS 2 Surround Sound Processor for Stereo Headsets

  • The latest iteration of Turtle Beach’s award winning Dolby Surround Sound Processor (DSS), this updated model revolutionizes the surround sound experience with six variable speaker configurations, offering custom tuned angles to optimize the surround sound effect for any listener.
  • DSS2 is sold alone, or bundled as part of several new Turtle Beach surround sound wired headset models, also debuting at CES.
  • The Ear Force DSS2 is available now on the Turtle Beach website for USD $79.95

Ear Force Z11 Wired Stereo PC Gaming Headset

  • The latest addition to the Ear Force PC headset lineup, the Z11 brings an affordable, high-quality stereo experience to PC gamers, with acoustically angled 50mm drivers for rich audio and crystal clear communication.
  • MSRP: USD $39.95 
  • Availability TBA

M-Series Mobile Lifestyle Headsets

Ear Force M5: Mobile Gaming Headset

  • The M5 mobile gaming headset features high-fidelity 40mm audio drivers and full-sized, noise-isolating ear cups with breathable mesh cushions for enhanced comfort. The M5 delivers premium audio quality for gaming or listening to music. Features an in-line mic with call control in a sleek, compact design for hands-free calling and crystal clear communication.
  • MSRP: USD $49.95 
  • Availability TBA

Ear Force M3: Mobile Gaming Headset

  • Designed for optimum portability, the M3 features a compact, fold-flat design for easy storage, while its comfortable noise-isolating ear cups and 40mm drivers deliver extreme comfort and high-fidelity audio. The M3 also includes an in-line mic for hands- free calling and online communication.
  • MSRP: USD $39.95
  • Availability TBA

Ear Force M1: Mobile Gaming Earbuds with In-line Mic

  • These noise-isolating earbuds are specially-designed for enhanced stability and comfort with an around-the-ear fit. They feature high-performance 10mm drivers with neodymium magnets that deliver a dynamic audio range with deep bass response and superior sound quality. The M1 also includes a sleek in-line mic and durable tangle-free braided cable.
  • MSRP: USD $59.95
  • Availability TBA
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