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Who hasn’t, at one point or another, thought about putting something up on Youtube. I mean, it just looks so easy, and you could totally do a better job than some of the amateur trainwrecks that are up there at the moment. I mean, you’ve totally got way more skill at a computer, and you may have sang to yourself in the shower or mirror at one point or another and pretended you were famous and popular (and totally dealt with it way better than all those other celebs).

So why not make it a reality (the video, not the fame, just to be clear).

Indie developers Musicshake have developed an app where you can make your very own personalized music videos to upload to YouTube, straight from your phone! All you need to do is select a video, add music, preview the masterpiece, and then upload it and wait for the views to come pouring in.

YouTube Producers is powered by Mu-Bot (or Music Robot), which generates music 24/7 by combining millions of music patterns from a massive database, giving you a huge range of uncopyrighted music, so you don’t get booted of YouTube with your tail between your legs.

YouTube Producer is available NOW for FREE – Get it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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