Air Penguin gets 13 Million Downloads

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Gamevil have announced that 8 months after the release of the cute and cuddly Air Penguin, it has been downloaded over 13 million times. Dveloped by Enterfly, Air Penguin encountered a huge amount of success after its release, becoming the number 1 app in more than 20 countries. It also managed to make more than $1 million in revenues in less than a month.

Air Penguin debuted on the Android Market in October, bringing the strongly popular app to those of you without iPhones, and helping achieve the amazing 13 million downloads across all platforms.

Haven’t yet picked up this awesome app? Well, make sure to head on over and get yourself some Air Penguin goodness, because who doesn’t love penguins? Especially penguins who you can help jump, fly and dodge through Antarctica.

Air Penguin is available NOW for $0.99 on iPhone, iTouch and iPad – Get it HERE
And it’s available on Android devices for FREE – Grab it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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