The Walking Dead Season 2 – A Slow Moving Zombie, Without Focus

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The Walking Dead, is a series that takes it’s title seriously. Not only is it one of the slowest paced Zombie shows ever created, but it is also one that lacks the focus it strongly needs to ever be more than just ‘good’.

The first season featured a total of 6 episodes, so it is needless to say that it had no excuse for taking things slowly. However it did take things very slowly, with a self-assured swagger even. It’s self-assurance was ultimately earned by unprecedented ratings. But for viewers looking for a cohesive story told in a reasonable amount of time, some couldn’t help but be left with a bad taste in their mouths following the conclusion to the first season of the series.

That brought us to the second season The Walking Dead which begun back in October this year, has been spinning it’s wheels for 7 episodes now, with a story-line that was actually not part of the original source material. While episode 7 does send us into hiatus with that story-line concluded, it was certainly hell on earth, watching episode after episode of nothing note worthy happening.

Some may say this is The Walking Dead building up to the big reveal, I call it stalling. It is evident to me that the people working on the series have spent the past few episodes trying to pad out the season with what amounts to nothing more than filler. Thankfully the mid-season finale ended in a way that atleast gives me hope that things we get back on track soon.

What The Walking Dead needs to do more than anything is to refocus on the story it is trying to tell and find a pacing that works for this series, because the current pacing just does not work for the type of story it tells. We need things to actually happen. Not waste 3 episodes until something substantial takes place.

I have faith in this series and know that if it looks long and hard at itself, it can reevaluate its direction and create something truly brilliant. So I emplore you Walking Dead, become the Running Dead when you make your return, you will be a better series for it.

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  • Anonymous

    I disagree. I think what makes The Walking Dead so good is it’s a more “realistic” look at the whole zombie apocalypse scenario.  Yes it’s “slow” especially compared to more conventional zombie entertainment, but I think that’s what gives it it’s charm.

    You get time to have a real sense of the things that people are struggling with after the world turns upside down. They show that even though they are fighting to survive they are still human, with all the “everyday” things going on.

    I know that when it comes to the pacing of the walking dead, people either love it or hate it. There isn’t much middle ground.

    I think the main reason they are going so slowly is because they are working with the creators of the graphic novels. Their vision is to have a Zombie series that branches off, but never really ends. It’s about long term survival, so it’s slower.  Which may not translate as well into a TV show, but so far the ratings seem to be speaking for themselves.

    • Luke Halliday

      Indeed. In my opinion it doesn’t translate too well into a TV series. But it has the potential too. I have hope for the rest of this season.

    • Bewarned

      I agreed with Cello’, I like the pace.  Brings home the reality of the actual story.

    • Bewarned

      I agreed with Cello’, I like the pace.  Brings home the reality of the actual story.

    • Bewarned

      I agreed with Cello’, I like the pace.  Brings home the reality of the actual story.

    • Bewarned

      I agreed with Cello’, I like the pace.  Brings home the reality of the actual story.

  • I think this season has been appalling. Slow, boring, preachy, predictable… a complete snooze fest.  Breaking Bad is a show that uses slow pacing to amazing effect.. but Walking Dead is so poorly written that the same technique falls painfully flat.  Up until the mid season finale, all the episodes were cringe worthy.

  • Jimmy Ainsworth

    Agree totally with CellophaneGirl. If I want to watch a zombie kill-fest, there are lots of movies and TV shows I can consult (Zombieland in particular is a fantastic effort).

    TWD isn’t perfect, but the example I’d offer was that the search for Sophie was indeed protracted and drawn out, but every minute ‘wasted’ on the story arc paid off in the last ten minutes of episode 7. Without the interminable search for the little girl, the utter horror of her emergence from the barn wouldn’t have meant nearly as much.

    If you want guns and explosions, dare I say you buy COD and play the Zombies subgame?

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree the first 6 episodes of season 2 had me thinking why am I watching this.  I have to say that season 1 was great even with only 6 episodes each episode explained and introduced something new to the series and was enjoyable to watch.  Lets hope when season 2 comes back it will more entertaining and fun to watch as I think The Walking Dead has potential to be an amazing tv series.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Yes Hershel’s farm was about two episodes longer than it needed it be, and you can thank AMC execs for cutting the budget of their most popular show. They cut  2 million off the budget and didn’t pass the tax break, another million, on to the show. This isn’t some Terra Nova 12 million an episode budget we are talking 6million for the entire season.

      Rumor is the exec in charge is a real douche, but unfortunately those above him give him all the credit for Madmen, Breakingbad, and The walking dead. This was the guy that fired Durbaunt, and butt heads with every other creative person on the network. He’s the one that suggested that maybe people only need to hear the zombies instead of seeing them.

  • scott murray

    If u think its so f…… ing bd then why do u keep watching u clown.  Without a doubt Walking dead is the best thing on telly……………………………………………..

    • Remdawal

      damn relax with the insults go read the source material and youll understand why he feels this way.i agree their milking the hell out of it.

  • Remdawal

    oh and shane is supposed to be

    • Anonymous

      There’s a TON of differences between the show and the graphic novels. Which I actually like. I’d hate to be watching and knowing exactly what’s going to happen. Yeah some of the major plot points are the same, but even though you know certain things are going to happen (like the pregnancy) you don’t know if they are going to handle it in the same way.
      I like that I can read the books and watch the show and have a different experience. I’m really glad they did it this way.

  • Ultimately, if you put people against zombies there is no actual happy ending, the world never is the same again and no one gets saved. This show is about the human emotion of a world they’ve lost and their connection with each other. (***spoiler coming***) The season didnt simply tie off with finding the girl, the reality was devastating and the final scene was more than heart breaking.  If you didnt feel for rick in what he had to do I think you’ve missed what the focus of the show is.

    If you are looking for an shallow fast paced action/zombie flick, rent dawn of the dead(the new one).

  • Anonymous

    There certainly seems to be a love it or hate it dichotomy with the show so far. It seems like everyone who dislikes it has a problem with the pacing, which I guess I can understand, but keep in mind the source material is paced the same way and that’s a major reason it’s so good IMO. I think a lot of people believe TWD is something it’s not; i.e. a show about zombies. It’s a show ABOUT people, WITH zombies. 

  • Greguevara

    I have to agree. Although I really love The Walking Dead, it takes things at almost a laughably slow pace. They could’ve easily fit everything that happened in the last 7 episodes into two or three. That being said, the pacing does help when something interesting happens because we’ve spent more time with the characters.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about season 2 and the character development, I really enjoyed how Daryl’s character has been developing. I went from hating him to him being one of my favorite characters. I have a feeling we are in for more surprises with him as a character as well.
    That episode where he got hurt was pretty tense for me. I usually don’t get so involved with characters on TV shows that I bite my nails and scream curses at the TV (YOU BETTER NOT KILL HIM OFF!! I WILL BE SOOOO PISSED!!).

    Overall I’m liking the direction they are going with the show. Yeah I could stand to see a few more zombies, but the fact that you don’t know when or IF you are going to see a zombie in an episode makes it more intense when they do show up.

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