Shifting World picked up by Aksys for Nintendo 3DS

Puzzle Platformer News Aksys Games 3DS

Many gamers may have heard of a Flash web game that was known as Shift which was widely popular in Flash game circles. Fishing Cactus took this flash title and expanded upon it, creating the puzzling platformer Shifting World which is going to be released on the Nintendo 3DS as a full retail title courtesy of Aksys Games.

Shifting world takes advantage of a number of new advanced features such as a new black and white art style, a level editor, 3D functionality of a level generator that makes use of the 3DS’ camera to act as a barcode scanner and over 60 levels to be played. The game will be a sidescrolling platformer where the player must solve puzzles by changing the world from black to white and move obstacles around. Expect to see the title sometime in 2012.

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