Satoru Iwata finds himself a Virtual Girlfriend…

Simulation Nintendo News 3DS

Ah, yes. Those first date jitters. Everybody gets them, and as you see in the screenshot above, Iwata has them too. Why is Iwata on a couch with a cartoon female you ask? New LovePlus releases in Japan on February 14th, and the President of Nintendo caught up with the developers of the upcoming title during the Nintendo Direct feed.

New LovePlus utilizes the 3DS’ AR tech and cameras, letting players take photos of themselves and then watch as their virtual partners show them affection in the real world. As usual, there isn’t much of a chance we will see this released in the west, but it’s still yet another indication on the possibilities of the 3DS. Those who have a Japanese unit though can grab their own digital dame this Valentines day.

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