Samurai Warriors 3Z Special announced for PSP

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Tecmo Koei has revealed today that they will be bringing the PlayStation 3’s Samurai Warriors 3Z to the PlayStation Portable under the title Samurai Warriors 3Z Special. Those who pick up this title will be able to play two player co-operative play and four player competitive play via the ad-hoc system on the PSP.

The title will run ¥6,090 and be be released on February 16th. Currently there is no news about this title making it to North America, but Tecmo Koei did say that they will be releasing past Samurai Warriors outfits for the first time as downloadable content on the PSP. Plus those who already have played Samurai Warriors 3Z or Samurai Warriors 3 Empires on PS3 should keep their save data, because if they transfer it over to their PSP memory stick it will unlock all characters instantly.

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