Mystery Manor unveiled on the iPad

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Game Insight have released their hit game Mystery Manor to the App Store, exclusively to iPad (which makes sense, since it is a hidden object game). Previously an app on Facebook, Mystery Manor has drawn in over 8 million players and they’re hoping that this success will transfer over to the iPad.

Mystery Manor is set in a mysterious mansion populated with extraordinary characters, fantastic monsters and phantoms. You have to solve some damn difficult puzzles, seek out hidden items in the huge range of rooms, and uncover hidden corners of the mansion.

The game offers regular updates with new quests, characters, items and mysteries. So if you are a fast player, don’t worry, there will be new content for you soon after you’ve finished it! And, of course, it will be for free and super easy for you to get it added to your current game.

Mystery Manor is available NOW on the iPad for FREE. Get it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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