Lost Doctor Who Episodes Surface After 60 Years, Time Travel is Real!

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After 60 years of being considered to have been reduced to BBC approved scrap metal, two long lost episodes of Doctor Who have surfaced after a film collector, Terry Burnett, whom had purchased the episodes in the 80’s, decided to reveal their existence to the BBC, to which they gladly bought them back from him for an undisclosed price.

Both episodes were thought to have been destroyed during the BBC mass extermination of all Doctor Who episodes, because they thought space was required in their archives for such great shows as Mrs. Biggles Can Ave’ Em’ and Wot? You’re The Prime Minister?

The episodes in question are “Air Lock” (A First Doctor episode) and  “The Underwater Menace” (A Second Doctor episode). Both of which hold great significance to Doctor Who fans, with “Air Lock” being the only surviving episode to feature ‘The Rills’ an alien life-form that has not returned since “Air Lock”, and with “The Underwater Menace” being the earliest surviving episode of the Second Doctor.

This is definitely a great day for Doctor Who fans. BBC has confirmed that the episodes are set to be released some time next year on DVD. What are you thoughts on this real life time-travelling incident? Let us know in the shoutbox and comments section.

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