Fifa Street celebrate in style

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A fantastic deal for gaming and soccer fans alike, as EA have announced a spcial incentive for any of those thinking about pre-oredering FIFA street, featuring the one and only Lionel Messi, bane of Man U fans worldwide amongst many others. To celebrate Messi’s transfer signing, EA are honourng the star, by giving those who pre-order the title, exclusive access to an awesome Adidas All Star team starring Messi and 12 of some of the worlds greatest footballers.

Here are some other legends to have made the cut, and please no flaming as to who of your favourite players should be there and how dare EA leave them out before you take the time to research who sponsors them. This is an ADIDAS all star team, not a NIKE or any other sponsorship company. It includes the majesticness of Van Persie, the speed and agility of Nani and the pure genius of KAKA. The game looks awesome and I cant wait to get my hands on this one, even if its just to pass the time in between some heated FIFA 12 play-offs.

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