EA bans player for being abused by other gamers

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It seems that EA just can’t catch a break, but after what you are about to read perhaps they really shouldn’t get much of a break. Out of perhaps all of the current developing market in the video game world, no company is as ostracized or despised for their business practices as Electronic Arts, and banning players just only seems to make things worse.

Now considering EA’s whole Origin system, any bans that are levied on their forums ban customers from playing games they actually paid for, sort of like putting the customer’s games in a safe for a week or two. Now it appears that EA has banned a gamer known as Aaron whose only fault was that someone else was swearing at him on the forum. In a classy move from EA, they banned both the swearing offender as well as Aaron because why not? This caused quite an outrage on various forums as well as outrage through the press.

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