EA add new titles to Daily deals promotions

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The EA Daily deals site recently launched has proved uber popular with mobile gamers and a quick look at the plethora of specials on offer and its not hard to see why it has surpassed 4.5 million visits since its launch. Wanting to keep the program in full swing, EA have added some amzing and popular new titles such as Need for Speed and NBA Jam for IOS users and Plants Vs Zombies and Madden 12 for Android lovers.

The EA Daily deals site features price drops on a whole range of games as part of their second annual holiday sale, available on both the iTunes store for IOS users as well as for the Android market. As well as being able to purchase the games through the daily deals website, EA are utilising the Zoove platform to provide users an alternative means to download the titles.

To visit the daily deals site and check out the deals www.eamobile.com/dailydeals


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