Circle Pad Pro arriving exclusively at GameStop in North America on Febraury 7th

Nintendo News 3DS

Nintendo of America has finally revealed what day we can expect to see the Circle Pad Pro accessory for the Nintendo 3DS in North America. The peripheral will be gracing one store shelf on February 7th which is of course, the same day that Resident Evil: revelations is being released. Unlike the European release of the game, Nintendo has currently not announced any bundle with Revelations and the Circle Pad Pro in North America.

Now you may notice that I mentioned only one store, and that is because for some reason, the Circle Pad Pro is going to be exclusively sold through GameStop stores and website for $19.99. The exclusivity for the release seems more than a bit odd, but it probably is due to the fact they are trying to distance themselves from making the peripheral a requirement and diminishing the Nintendo 3DS’ standalone abilities.

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