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It’s Christmas time, and the best way to celebrate is by giving gifts! We here at Capsule Computers have a $25 Amazon Gift Voucher to give away, and we want YOU to have it! So show us your Christmas Spirit!

All you have to do is simply comment below and tell us:

What did YOU get for Christmas?

You can comment by signing in with Facebook or Twitter so it’s really easy to do. Competition will close on December 27, the day after boxing day, and this post will be updated announcing the winner. For more information, check the video below featuring Santa Claus himself!

UPDATE: The winner has been selected! The winner is: Cypherrr!

Congratulations! Our editor-in-chief Phil will be in contact with your shortly! If for any reason you encounter any problems, don’t be afraid to email us at:

Thanks very much for all your amazing entries and please stay tuned as we’ll have many more competitions to announce soon! In the meantime Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Capsule Computers!

Matt Vella. Capsule Computers’ Community Manager. I say ‘Laters’ a lot.

  • A Kinect, Arkham City, Green Lantern on Blu-Ray, a year of Xbox Live, and 7200 Microsoft Points. 🙂

  • Katie Russell

    Kylie Minogue Les Folies Tour DVD,Take That Progress Live Dvd,Scrapperfoil art which has a design on,then just scrap with a special stylus pen and make it silver,Gray Cardigan,Necklace,Purple Top,Grey Trousers,Selection box 🙂

  • On Christmas Day, I got…
    aching sides from laughing so hard,
    tender cheeks from grinning so much,
    a tight belly from feasting so heartily,
    a sore throat from singing so exuberantly,
    …and Christmas socks.

  • Michelle

    A mug. Actually a pretty good gift considering it was from a 2yo. Least it wasn’t a kinder surprise.

  • Supernatural and Angel dvds which I absolutely love!

  • i got a beating from santa for being a bad kid

  • Melissa

    knives to chop, spice to spice up my life, and a little money to spend.! 

  • A PSP3, transforming my living room into a Battlefield 3 and a Grand Raceway! 🙂 Bring on the late nights of gaming!

  • A trip to Disneyland, well not quite I got Disneyland Adventures on kinect. Will have to be more specific when dealing with that red suited old mate 😉

  • Tdazza

    A special container that you put in your shower, it collects water and has a built in spout to make it work like a watering can. Very enviro!

  • Melissa Krohn

    Nothing, but the look on my kids faces was PRICELESS when they opened their pressies

  • Ardentwhispers

    I got an SLR camera, woohoo!

  • I got a garden bench, and with a $25 Amazon voucher I can buy something I can enjoy using while sitting on my bench 😀

  • layzy

    Some awesome wireless headphones.  Now my surround sound can seriously blow my mind!!

  • Justin Frick

    Clothes are Great,
    Toys are Fun,
    But for my perfect xmas
    what i want is one
    gorgeous girl from
    across the world
    to complete our family
    with me and my little girl.Missing my girl Jackie and the best thing my little girl and I got was our phone call from her – just gotta wait til feb next year before i can hold her again x

  • A new camera

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