Chocobos and Chocolina appear in Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots

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We’ve heard that the Chocobos will be playing a larger role in Final Fantasy XIII-2 than they have in past games, but we have yet to see a whole lot about them, until now that is. Square Enix has released a bushel of new screenshots which you can see below and especially the one you can see above. It seems that a certain shopkeeper may love the Chocobos a bit too much, and her name is Chocolina.

She will be a traveling merchant throughout the game so expect to see her quite often as she sells a wide variety of things including weapons, accessories, normal items and monster training items. You can see plenty of the Chocobos themselves below as well as a new area that is called Archylte Steppe and even a Live Trigger event in the middle of a conversation.

[nggallery id=427]

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