Capcom Unveils Sour Patch Game; Slated for early 2012!

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So Mega Man Legends 3 got cancelled earlier this year, but Capcom have at least been busy in one form or another. Today it was announced that the famed company would be developing the first ever game based on the Sour Patch Kids, now known as “World Gone Sour”. Yes, you read that right. A full video game based on the candy that goes sweet after it’s sour is headed our way.

This platformer will put players in the role of a little jelly creature as he tries to find his way home by trekking throughout movie theaters, streets, and houses. If you thought this news couldn’t get anymore bizarre, Method Man has released a music video that apparently will be in some way affiliated with the game, featuring a small teaser of what’s to come. World Gone Sour is slated for the XBLA, PSN, and PC for $4.99 or 400 points.

Check out the music video for yourself below, and get ready to hear Mega Man fans let out yet another sigh.

  • yeah sure crapcom have time and money to make a fucking game base on a god damn candy 
    and yet they sure don’t have time to make megaman legends 3 

    • Anonymous

      Im sad too, but who knows maybe Megaman Legends 3 might see the light of day, for now to keep the sour taste in our mouths, just enjoy sour patch.

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