Breakout: Boost breaks onto the iOS

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Ever popular game publisher and developers, Atari, have announced the launch of Breakout: Boost on the App store. Breakout: Boost combines classic fun with new features such as Boost Control, which allows you to adjust ball speed and customise your brick-breaking experience, should you feel the need to have such control over your balling experience. Five levels of bricks to smash are included with the app, with over 200 additional levels available through in-app purchases.

Breakout: Boost relives the fun of the popular brick-breaking game that Atari first introduced to gamers in 1976, with some awesome new features of course. As well as Boost Control, there are special ball upgrades such as fire, acid, splitting and grenade balls. And if there is one thing that will get me interested in a game, it’s grenade balls. So if you’re an old school Atari fan or just someone who loves to break some bricks, then this is definitely worth the download.

Breakout: Boost is available NOW for FREE on the iPad and iPhone. Get it HERE

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