Behind The Scenes: Creating Fall of Cybertron

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Let’s be honest here, for a series that is all about giant robots fighting each other, the Transformers series haven’t really received a good video game and I suppose Michael Bay’s Transformers movies and their rushed video game adaptions are to blame. But looking past this, High Moon Studios in 2010 did bring us Transformer’s War for Cybertron, the first decent Transformers game in a long while. And now High Moon Studios are back with a sequel Transformer’s Fall of Cybertron, with its official trailer shown off at the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards.

The cinematic trailer took a very different take on whole Transformers series, creating a very moody and dare I say, emotional trailer. So just what goes into making a trailer like this? Well High Moon Studios have released a behind the scenes video to walk through and explain just that.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is set to be released sometime in 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

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Currently a university student, it’s sick as!

  • Opaldragon

    Why the hell does Optimus look so frealing fat!!! On a good note though finally, bumblederp is dead!!!

  • Opaldragon

    If this is going to be another play as guys you like then the guys you hate games, where like in the last transformers game you already had all the characters picked out for you and could only play as those select few, regardless of whether you liked/picked them then sorry I’m not playing this. I hated the fact that in WFC half the game was made up of playing as the enemy (I never liked the decepticons at all)  and with the autobots your team of characters was all picked out for you and you couldn’t take out people you didn’t like/want with you. I for one hate Bumblebee and have never been found of warpath either. But I was stuck with bumblebee most of the time and that made me angry as the choice to have someone I liked with me was taken away. Plus having a team that has all angles covered combat wise is like being handed the keys to win the game with no effort. I for one would have hand picked very different people for WFC and even though that might have made it harder or easier  on some levels, the fact that those characters suited/were choosen by myself would have made all the difference to me enjoyment wise. I don’t being made to play a game as characters I don’t like, or be handed the way to win with little to no effort . Really I just want to start as Optimus Prime, play through a game as him and finish it as him. Thats all.

    • Anonymous

      well said …

  • Jadynpowell

    bumblebee is not dead!

    • Anonymous

      how do u know he’s not dead …

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